Carlos Kauffman – Fitness Can Dramatically Improve Race Car Driving

Carlos Kauffman – Fitness Can Dramatically Improve Race Car Driving

an imageCarlos Kauffman says fitness is something that all race car drivers should take part in to dramatically improve their driving. Some of the world’s best teams spend millions just to get their drivers in shape.

Modern racing is not for the faint hearted, only some excel at the sport and a few become real champions. Carlos Kauffman is a long time race car driver who has many prestigious titles to his credits. He currently lives in Venezuela with his wife and 3 children. He is a fitness freak and is highly passionate about winning.

You will almost always find that the best drivers are super fit. They have conditioned their bodies to such a state to accommodate the heavy physical and mental demands of high speed racing. If you are not fit, you will drive yourself to failure. Cockpit temperatures of racing cars easily exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit or 52 Degree Celsius. This is almost like sitting in the afternoon sun in the hot desert. Drivers like him, says Carlos Kauffman experience 5gs at turns and braking which are lot like the demands of running a marathon with the adventure of space shuttles.

If you don’t understand the need for fitness you don’t have to be in the professional ranks of motor sports arena, says Carlos Kauffman. Fitness plays a crucial role in your ability to perform consistently on the track no matter if you race for fun, at local track events or want to become a future world champion.

Being fit and increasing a driver’s performance on the racing track is definitely not an easy task but a necessary one. When you structure an endurance training program it can benefit greatly if done properly. Endurance training is a tricky area for a race driver’s program and requires a considerable amount of time and planning. It also carries the risk of injury but it will definitely improve muscle and respiratory fitness. If you incorporate the endurance training program in your fitness program you will see remarkable results and reap the benefits of hard work, says Carlos Kauffman.